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ProLine Deck has been a trusted name in the industry for years, providing high-quality decking materials that are durable and beautiful.

We understand that investing in a new deck is a significant decision, so we want to share some feedback from satisfied customers.

Read reviews from real customers who have installed ProLine Decks at their homes. From the quality of the materials to the ease of installation, we'll cover everything you need to know about what makes ProLine Deck a top choice in decking options. So, let's dive into the reviews and see why ProLine Deck is the best choice for your next decking project!
d walker home owner
Dan Walker
Home Owner

“I recently installed two decks at my home. My first impression was how courteous the customer service was. The decks are great. I have a 6-mod and a 2-mod. Both are so sturdy and great to walk on. As a patient of 3 back surgeries, I need stability everywhere I walk. These decks are awesome! The handrails are strong and the rails that go around the deck on top are very safe for all 9 of my grandchildren. We can even walk out barefooted on the deck with total comfort from the quality wood that is used for this product. One last thing is that the steps are spaced out perfectly, especially when I have to use my cane or my walker. I am extremely pleased!”

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twilson impact cares
Tory Wilson
Impact Cares

"ProLine Decks are strong, beautiful, and, most importantly, easy to assemble. We have had school youth groups assemble the ProLine deck and replace a disabled person's dangerous steps. The residents are very proud of their new deck. Our school youths could do all this in half a day using only simple tools. The assembling of a deck was just 47 minutes! To see the smiles on people's faces when they see it for the first time is always a treasure."

mskaff oakwood homes
Matthew Skaff
Oakwood Homes

"When I took over this home center as the general manager, I quickly realized I needed help using the temporary steps the delivery companies provide with home deliveries. A friend showed me the products offered by Oliver Technologies, which were much superior and in the direction I wanted. It cost more than the previous steps but was worth the price difference to ensure our customers are safe and more satisfied. Thank you for such a good product!"

ishepherd clayton homes
Isaiah Shepherd
Clayton Homes

"We love the steps and the decks. They're excellent quality and perfect for our lots!"

nfairbanks Blue Meadow Homes
Nick Fairbanks
Blue Meadow Homes

“The Proline Decks are a great product! Very sturdy and are very easy to put together. We use them for all of our customers."

afulton Fulton MHP
Andy Fulton
Fulton MHP

“We were very impressed with the quality and versatility of this product. The ProLine decks are excellent for permanent installation, or they also are great for temporary applications. They are easy to build by following detailed instructions and can be easily dismantled for storage. ProLine Decks have a lot of fantastic qualities!"

hlane Lanes Mobile Home Service
Homer Lane
Lanes Mobile Home Service

"They come on one pallet. Easy for small space storage until you're ready to set it up. They are sturdy and have that fresh, clean look of a manufactured home. Extremely easy to install. The instructions are easy to follow. The bottoms of the post have adjustable feet for unleveled homes. It makes it easy to set than having to dig in the ground. The decks offer many options for skirting. You can use lattice, vinyl skirting, or come up with your coverage. I installed a Proline Deck over a year ago, and there is no rust. The wood is still in excellent condition. Very minimal tools are required; it only takes up part of your day. The best part about a Proline Deck is that if you are moving, you can take it with you!"

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